Epoxy resins


Epoxy repair resin

Optimised for better wetting of glass and carbon fibres, higher penetration of substrates.

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    For FRP / GRP repairs

    Easy to work with, for hand lay up repairs.

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    As a base layer / hull sealer

    For synthetic, metallic, wooden hulls.

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    Offers improved penetration

    Results in stronger repairs and better sealing.

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    Low odour

    Easier to use.

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    Use above and below the waterline

    Suitable for both uses.

PRO-EPOX-101 epoxy resin

Further information:

Auxiliaries and additives for the PRO-EPOX line

Manual dosing pumps, 10 ml

Advantages of the dosing pumps:

  • no spills – keep workspace clean,
  • quick dispensing – save time,
  • better results – more accurate dosing.
dosing pumps for PRO-EPOX line