Friday, 7th October 2022

2022 Olympic Yacht Show

Olympic Yacht Show

This weekend we are exhibiting at the Olympic Yacht Show at the Olympic Marina in Lavrio, Greece.

Monday, 3rd October 2022

2022 Formula Kite Open European Championship, co-sponsored by navic

2022 Formula Kite Open European Championship

This weekend marked the finale of the 2022 Formula Kite Open European Championship, which navic supported and contributed to as a proud sponsor.

The week long regatta took place in beautiful Nafpaktos, Greece, from 24/09 to 02/10, and attracted 150 competitors and countless support crews and families from around the world. The venue is well known for offering excellent wind conditions almost all year around. The race course was set in front of the Old Port and Castle with the iconic Rio-Antirio bridge in the background, which resulted in amazing photographic material and unforgettable memories for both racers and spectators.

As part of our contribution to the event, we provided each participant with a gift set which included the PRO-FILL 303 filler, specially made for repairing CFRP parts, in this case hydrofoils. PRO-FILL 303 is a one-to-one offering which cures very quickly, is sanded very easily and, being black, makes repairs unnoticeable.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the ‘unsung heroes’ of this huge feat, the organizers, volunteers and contributors for making it an unforgettable event. A huge thank you also goes to the athletes, their supporters and families for making this trip from various corners of the world. Their passion, dedication and perseverance inspire us to keep pushing forward.

You can find more information about this Event and the Formula Kite class here.